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Re Fresh

Heal your skin with this incredible blend of essential oils and natural ingredients.


This mist will calm and heal rashes, burns, sun burns, itchy and dry skin.

A natural skin disinfectant and anti-inflammatory spray, perfect to hydrate your skin after sun exposure. Heals, hydrates and nourishes your skin while stimulating healthy cell growth.

Mist on your skin and feel the soothing effects of the blend.


For rashes apply several times a day and/or apply a generous amount to a gauze and cover, change gauze 2 or 3 times throughout the day. 


An excellent facial toner simply mist on your skin after cleansing and let dry, or mist onto a cotton swab and apply to your skin.

Re Fresh


Shake well before applying.


2oz Bottle




Chamomile Roman



Calendula Oil

Aloe Vera

Colloidal Silver

Witch Hazel 

Distilled Water

PAIA . HAWAII . 96779

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